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Unveiling My All New Dynamic 2024 Website!

Updated: May 14

Hey everyone! Exciting news – my brand-new website for 2024 is live! This isn't just an update; it's a whole new experience crafted for our digital world.

What's Fresh:

  • Smooth Online Booking: Tired of email ping-pong for scheduling photos? The new 'Check Availability' feature on my site makes booking a session super easy and quick. It's all about convenience and getting you ready for a great photo session.

  • Evolving Portfolio & Blog: This year, my portfolio / blog combo is something special. It's not just a display of featured sessions; it's a window into my world. You'll see rolling updates of my latest projects and get a glimpse into my personal life in photography. It's where you can see what catches my eye – often through my iPhone lens. It's a mix of professional work and personal inspiration, showcasing what keeps me up at night thinking about photography!

Why This Rocks: My new website blends my tech skills with my artistic passion. It's designed to give you an engaging, seamless experience while exploring the depth and breadth of my photographic journey.

Next Steps for You: Explore my portfolio. Let it take you on a journey through my featured sessions and inspire you to book a session of your own. If you feel a connection with my images, hit 'Check Availability' on the main menu, and let's start creating something beautiful together.

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