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Chasing the Light: A Photographer's Morning Journey

It was a beautiful morning for a drive today. After dropping my daughter off at school, I found myself at McDonald's, fueling up for an impromptu road trip. It wasn't long before I was meandering through the streets of Larned and Pawnee Rock, Dundee and Great Bend with my camera in tow, ready to capture whatever caught my eye.

Photography's been a part of my life for decades, a constant companion that's seen me through various chapters and changes. Today was about getting back to those roots, exploring just for the sake of it.

I won't pretend this was some grand expedition; it was a morning drive with a few stops along the way. But in those moments of quiet observation, I found clarity. Photography is as much about the photographer as it is about the subject. It's a practice in seeing, in really noticing the world around us, and perhaps understanding it a little better.

I share these images to invite you into the experience. Maybe they'll inspire you to take your own road trip, to find beauty in the overlooked or to see your surroundings through a new perspective.

In the end, it's not about the perfect shot or the exotic location. It's about the journey, the act of exploring with open eyes and an open heart. It's about what we learn along the way, about the world and ourselves.

Thanks for letting me share a piece of my morning with you. Until next time, keep exploring!

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