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Street & Abstract Photography Enhance Client Sessions

For me, photography is more than just a job; it's my passion and artistic outlet. As a photographer, I strive to create unique and memorable images for my clients. To achieve this, I use street and abstract photography to find interesting locations and fine-tune my eye for small details that can make an image timeless. In this blog post, I will discuss how street and abstract photography have helped me enhance my client sessions.

Using Street Photography to Find Interesting Locations

Street photography is the art of capturing candid moments of people and objects in public places. When I'm taking street photos, I pay close attention to the locations and the elements that make them interesting. This includes unique architectural details, colorful murals, and interesting patterns. These elements inspire me to come up with creative ways to incorporate them into my client sessions. For example, I might use an interesting mural as a backdrop or a unique building as a prop. Through my street photography, I have been able to discover hidden gems in my city that I would have never found otherwise.

Using Abstract Photography to Fine-Tune My Eye for Details

Abstract photography involves capturing images of objects in a way that renders them unrecognizable. It is a great way to train your eye to focus on small details that can imbue an image with timelessness. When capturing abstract photos, I concentrate on the object's shape, texture, and color. These elements inspire me to create imaginative compositions that enhance the mood and story of my client's sessions. For example, I might take a close-up shot of a flower to add a splash of color to a portrait session, or a black and white texture shot to add depth to an image.

Being an Artist and Not Just a Photographer

As a photographer, it is crucial to continually evolve and grow creatively since photography is an art form that demands such treatment. Engaging in street and abstract photography has helped me become a better artist by exposing me to novel ideas and perspectives, inspiring me to think outside the box and take risks with my work. I am committed to never being a photographer who becomes stagnant by repeating the same techniques throughout my career. Photography is my passion, and I feel fortunate to be able to make a living doing what I love.

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