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Robert Joy

On March 28, 2023 so many people lost an amazing friend / artist / human. His name was Robert Joy. Many also knew him as Scarlet. He touched so many lives and a few of those lives are in these photos.

June 6, 2015

I remember this day very well, it was so so hot outside. That didn't stop any of us from having a great time together. This area was set up in front of 2009 16th St. about a block from our post office. At the time, the building was Petr's Frame House. Robert Joy was there most every day painting. He had a spot set up in the front window off to one side.

Later this building became my photography studio. Robert stayed with the building, and I'm so glad he did. I got to see him make so many amazing masterpieces. He would usually be at the studio before I was even awake. Making his hot tea in one of the sitting rooms in the middle of the building. I got to know a lot of Robert's friends because they would come in to visit with him.

I'm thankful for the time I knew Robert, and that was over half of my life. I'll never forget his voice, his face, his radiating smile and the wisdom this man so humbly held at his core. As I find more photos of Robert, I will add them to a section below the June Jaunt gallery, so feel free to check back at some point.

See you on the other side friend.

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